Intelligent integrated system for security increasing in electrical and thermal energy supply

The project “Intelligent integrated system for security increasing in electrical and thermal energy supply” shall propose a soution for security increasing in electrical and thermal energy supply on the strenght of an intelligent system of decisions assistance and cognitive professional preparations of the speciality personnel. The proposed project has in view as research subject the achievement of an integrated modelling system that shall simulate  the operating of a thermal power station with collecting bars composed of two steam generators of 420 t/h, two turbines of 50 MW and a system of generation and power delivery in the electrical network and of thermal energy in the district heating network. The proposed system, cosists of a soft structure implementated on a hard structure that simulates in real time the installations operation of electrical and thermal production and makes available the experience of the partners for elaboration of a system with high complexity. The proposed project integrates complementary knowledges for the mathematical formalization of the specific technological processes and the accomplishment of a software system adequate to immediate utilization by the firms of electric energy production in co-generation regime. Also, the system permites achievement of analyses concerning the parameters evolution mode of the thermal power plant after simulation of the technological manoeuvres for the increasing of the economic efficiency, availability and power supply security through preparation and trainning speciality personnel and assistance of the administration decisions. At the same time, permites prefaration in the field of the students, specialists with post degree and master courses. The project integrates the experience of over 25 years cumulated by the participants in simulation-modelling activities with programming technics in real time specific to Microsoft Windows software.