Theme project aims to obtain an environmental vector using binomial hydrogen fuel - biomass. Recovery will be on energy production, using a wide range of woody and agricultural biomass. Vector hydrogen – solid biomass captures the positive features of both fuels, in the line: hydrogen adsorption in porosity of solid biomass, hydrogen oxidation at high speed, fast burning biomass, total and organic. The project deals with hydrogen fuel biomass vector through two approaches: - treatment of biomass with hydrogen power during feeding combustion plant with fuel; - blowing hydrogen during ignition of solid biomass phase. The overall objective of the project aims to achieve total and environmental combustion. Burning of solid biomass regardless of the technologies developed so far have the disadvantage of large emissions of carbon monoxide. By coupling solid biomass and hydrogen in a fuel vector is expected to massively reduce carbon monoxide emission by reactive qualities of the new fuel. Increasing the speed of burning for the newly created fuel vector will reduce the dirtying effects of the final heat exchanger of the energy installations, helping to increase endurance for such installations. This effect is correlated with a new quality of ash discharged, which will tend towards a medium-quality agricultural fertilizer.